An area possessing some of the most biologically diverse rainforest on the planet has extraordinary research potential to reveal valuable insights into the past, provide foods and medicines and yield secrets that will ensure preservation and continuity of life into the future.

Daintree Rainforest’s commitment to the conservation and presentation of its natural values required deeper insight into the eco-system’s inner workings than we originally possessed.  It demanded research into all biota; plants, animals, insects, birds, reptiles, fungi and the myriad interactions that bind them all together into a vibrant and secure community of life.   The dynamic interactions between producers, consumers, decomposers and their various catalysts, communiques, pheromones and food sources, all contribute to an ever-increasing revelation of life.

Our research has contributed to the comprehension of our eco-system and the construction of an understanding that allows its subsequent presentation holistically unique.  Whilst science delves deeper into specific aspects of life and earth, breaking everything down to first principles, we are building up our understanding of the relationships that drive the greater community of life, recognising the important role of humans in maintaining, protecting and understanding their accommodating habitat.  We are not dismissive of the value of scientific research that has contributed to our reservoir of knowledge, but we also marvel at the depth of understanding Aboriginal cultures acquired over their unrivalled longevities.

As landholders and managers of World Heritage freehold land, we have become an experiment in cost-effective conservation and presentation.  We have an obligation to report on the outcomes of this precedent and have noted serious intrusions and on-going threatening processes occurring throughout the landscape.  Daintree Rainforest will continue to monitor, analyse and evaluate; reporting as required for improved management.

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