Profile – Daintree Rainforest provides genuine ecotourism experiences, under expert interpretation of long-term inhabitant guides, with exclusive World Heritage access to the centrepiece of the oldest rainforest in the world.

The profile of Daintree Rainforest enjoys superior location about the centrepiece of the world’s oldest rainforest, 20-km north of the Daintree River along the Cape Tribulation Road.  This outstanding area of old-growth rainforest profiles all the refugial attributes of rarity, primitiveness and endemism that met all four of UNESCO’s natural heritage criteria for World Heritage-listing. Relieved of the broad-scale impacts of commercial logging, which the majority portion of Crown estate carries, this privately-protected property retains exceptional integrity. Three generations of human inhabitants have accrued a tremendous breadth and depth of rainforest knowledge for management and presentation advantages. The unprecedented decision to compulsorily-inscribe human inhabitants into this World Heritage role is an experiment that has surpassed three-decades of self-sustaining, ecotourism-funded success.

Our quest has taken us outside the boundaries of traditional learning, beyond the realms of convention and exposed us to an unlimited resource, the world’s oldest rainforest in its central and most biologically diverse expression.  

  • Genuine, old-growth rainforest

  • Enriched with human inhabitants

  • Away from mass tourism

  • Practitioners of genuine ecotourism

  • Respectful of indigenous culture

  • Supported by genuine ecotourism


Our directors are long-term inhabitants of the World Heritage rainforest they are legally obligated to manage. Having to live directly with the consequences of their management decisions, gives the rainforest the benefits of human sensitivity.

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Prue Hewett


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Angie Hewett


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Neil Hewett



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Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by our part and place in the rainforest.  The better we perform, as rainforest stewards, the greater our rewards.