Daintree Rainforest Pty.Ltd., trading as Daintree Rainforest, was established in 1994 for the management of 160-acres of privately-owned Daintree World Heritage Rainforest.  Occupying the centrepiece of the last remnant of the oldest surviving rainforest in the world, Daintree Rainforest is also remarkably well-preserved in terms of ecological integrity, through its exclusion from state-sanctioned commercial logging.  An eight-acre tropical fruit orchard sits within the property’s interior as a legacy of an historical land-use, now made redundant through World Heritage-listing.  Situated 20-KM north of the Daintree River Ferry crossing, public access is only permissible through pre-booking for either a 2-hour Grand Fan Palm Gallery Tour or a 4-hour Greater Wilderness Experience.  All tours are guided and interpreted by long-term human inhabitants.

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