Daintree Rainforest Camera Traps – October 2021 – accrued 135-cassowary sightings, 11-dingoes and 64-feral pigs.  Against the cumulative monthly average, cassowary numbers rose by 76%, whilst dingoes were 65% down and feral-pigs also dropped by 47%.  Against October of the preceding year, cassowary numbers rose by 275%, dingoes fell by 91% and feral-pig sightings increased by 49%.

Image highlights from Camera Traps – October 2021

The tremendous increase in October 2021 cassowary sightings, relative to October 2020, is due to the number of chicks.  Last year, four female cassowaries competed for four male mates and only one chick managed to make it through to sub-adulthood.  It is very likely that female cassowaries kill the chicks of other competing females.

Despite our high hopes, dingo numbers remained low for October 2021, whereas last year, a dingo family with three-pups showed a wonderful interest in one particular camera-trap or at least the section of rainforest that that trap surveilled.

October 2021 revealed a number of additional piglets (see below):

Making donations to ‘Save the Daintree’

A recent ABC article – Decades-old conflict to develop Daintree still flaring up in Queensland’s steamy far north – reads as an undisguised call-to-action against Daintree conservation complacency, by invoking the memory of the Bjelke-Petersen government, which allegedly set wheels in motion in the 1980’s that continue to allow parts of the Daintree to be sold off privately today.  Of course, transference of ownership of land took place long before 1980 and will continue long after, but using evocative language, like ‘conservationists are racing to buy the blocks to guarantee they can’t be developed‘ implies that time is fast running out before conservation of this great treasure, which is somehow only able to be achieved by people living a long way from the properties-at-risk, will soon be no longer possible.  This dog-whistling, income-earning strategy attracts millions of donated dollars to a number of competing environmental Foundations, the majority of which operate, coincidentally, out of Mullumbimby, NSW and the article refers to several conservation groups, raising money to try to stop the Daintree from being cleared and quotes:

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