Data collected from the Daintree Rainforest Camera Traps over the month of November 2020 accrued 34-cassowaries, 108-dingoes and 108-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were 56% down for the month, dingoes were 307% up and feral-pigs were 86% down.  All 12 Camera Traps functioned without fault across the month.

Cassowary numbers continue to be down, with the majority of the males still nesting, although Scratch – the youngest of Big Bertha’s harem, emerged with only one chick, dubbed Cyril.  Feral-pig numbers are also low for the lack of water in the Daintree dry-season lowlands, but Dingo sightings were plentiful.

Camera Traps – November 2020 – image highlights for the month of November

There was only one sighting of a Bennett’s Tree-Kangaroo for the month of November, but the quality of the video and the size of the animal is worthy of publication.

A couple of nice dingo-grabs (below):

Despite beginning this data-collection process on 16 November 2019, for the sake of orderliness and convention, I will add next month’s tally to produce a 2020 data-set.  That way, comparing year-to-year will have greater convenience and I suspect annual variation will provide the clearest insights into these population dynamics.

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