Camera Traps – January 2022 accrued 431-cassowaries, 15-dingoes and 160-feral pigs.  Against the cumulative monthly average, cassowary numbers rose by a whopping 422%, whilst dingoes were 50% down and feral-pig numbers increased moderately by 28%.  Against January 2021, cassowaries were 282%-up, dingoes were 6% down and feral-pig numbers also fell by 57%.

As explained in previous reports, the increase in cassowary numbers is primarily due to the number of young cassowaries this breeding cycle, relative to last year’s solitary surviving chick from the four males that frequent these Daintree Rainforest Camera Traps.  This last month accrued 343-cassowary-sightings at Camera 3 – alone!  The next nearest single-camera aggregation, with 75-sightings, occurred at the same camera in February of 2021 and then again, with 75-sightings, at the same camera in February of 2020.  For the month of January, 2020 Camera 3 malfunctioned for the first half of the month, but accrued 39-cassowary-sightings in total and January 2021 accrued 53-cassowary sightings.  If the pattern remains consistent, next month is going to be tedious counting cassowaries from Camera 3.

Image highlights from January

Progress of the cassowary chicks

Two of last season’s dingo pups

Feral-pigs produce more feral-pigs

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